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World of Gaming, commonly known as WOG, is a Indonesia chain video game expo / convention Organized by : Kairos Event Management with PrimeGames
It is the largest game event in Indonesia. The main focus of the event is on eSport game such as DOTA 2, Vainglory, Ayodance, PES 2013, Point Blank, ect.  In WOG, there is always a have event schedule for Cosplay CompetitionDJ and Artist Performance!

Well for me World of Gaming eSport Series 1.2 at Semarang Town Square it's not my first WOG i joined as Cosplay Guest! it's already the 3rd time! 

My First WOG also the First WOG! it's World of Gaming 2015, 6th – 9th August 2015 at Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)

My 2nd WOG is World of Gaming eSport Series 1.1 at Mall of Indonesia Jakarta [ 17-18 October 2016]


World of Gaming eSport Series 1.2 at Semarang Town Square. Prince Ingga, Pinky Lu Xun, Donna Visca and I become Guest Star and the artist line up is CherryBelle, Teenbelle and DJ Tania!12717146_1760269697539101_6841643820070031776_n

Anyway~you must be wandering
"why Yukitora Keiji Always bring her Queen of Pain From DOTA 2 only for WOG"

Because WOG it's a SPECIAL Event for DOTA 2! also for me! My Queen of Pain is Sposored by KAIROS Event Management [World of Gaming], That's why I bring my Queen of Pain ONLY for KAIROS Event Management event. 

So now~ let's start this Story~

Well, i write this event as blog because i just have free time for it and this event quite memorable for me!!! SERIOUSLY! this event almost make me 'suicide' because of costume hahahaa

Not different too much from WOG 2015 since they requested to make Queen of pain Costume [ I'm so happy that QOP already in my Cosplay plan.. but because WOG Requested it i make it faster that i planned ]  So at WOG 1.2 Semarang they requested to make another costume again! but like what i say it's almost make me 'suicide' ! 

In early 2016 my event schedule quite tight, i just stay at home for 2-3 days and go to another city for guest and judging also, i'm in situation that my face are NO GOOD for make up!

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="26" gal_title="KOSHKA Progress"]

Just right 2 days after i go back from J-Village Event semarang [30th – 31th January], Kairos Requested me to make Koshka Costume for WOG 1.2 Semarang, without thinking I accepted it, and i forgot about JapFunID 2.0 Pontianak

12804369_1526464877657956_1024591876_n stay tune for the upcoming photoshoot!
that held 1 week before WOG 1.2, AND I JUST REALIZE THAT I WORKED FOR THAT COSTUME FOR LESS THAN 1 WEEK after deal and check my schedule


and finaly! My koshka costume done~ right less than 24 hour before event! it's right after i arrived at my family house in semarang[friday], then i  continue working on it [ included repair my QOP costume that damage, start from the wings, chest and leg.. i think all the armor broken..feels like doing re-make  it's because of Airport crew who throws the QOP container like 'nothing inside' i even already put alot of fragile sticker on it!

Thanks God [again] that my Family have hot glue gun, and other tools! and also my  big sister that always helping me while repaing the damage and continue the costume!!

but there's a good news.. there also a bed news

and when i'm trying the leg lamp.. and its' short circuit because of the battery power are too high[?] but Thanks God! the paw lamp still working nicely!


12715789_1084680111570987_8805663276544756300_n Day 1 Selfie!

Kind a happy that finally i can finished repair my QOP just right in time!! yey!

12788874_1526495367654907_787736348_o without you sis, i can't doing anything!

Day 1 ...kind a make's me really tired! but my sis always there for me~ she's help me alot!! start become my cameraman, seller, LO, Helper, everyting!! love you sis!

since my QOP costume are unwearable if there's no helper around... well usually my mom always be with me, but since my grandma situation drop, i must go alone..

Day 1 already so crowded!  i almost spent my time at booth for signing!! not ony my sis who help me alot! there's a WOG Crew that ALSO my Fans club Admin Giovanni!!! he help alot for LO-ing me and selling my merchandise!! realy love you bro!

12729306_1084738258231839_1702153974269531704_n Costreet Judging with other judge and guest!! from left to right! Prince Ingga, Me, Pinky Lu Xun, Welly

cosplay street participant that come along.. i think it's 30? 50? participant? i forgot! it's alot!! seriously! and there's alot great cosplayer that have really well made costume and prepared performance! can't wait too see the day 2 cosplay competition! day 1 already amaze me.. how about day 2?


i also see alot ikemen it's secret of youth by Pinky Lu Xun

i didn't took so many selfie because i'm away from phone.. when i wanna check my phone.. i should sign and taking picture again~ soo yaa hahhaa

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="27" gal_title="WOG1.2 DAY 1"]

Day 2! LAST DAY!

12745685_1085173264855005_4036177589766150717_n selfie before go to event

12729233_1086324351406563_924662579203286190_n selfie at backstage

I dunno  to start day 2...i should happy or worry ?..i'm happy and excited because i finish my koshka  and wear it just right in time!! but i'm worry because koshka costume are really 'open' feels like wear bikini on event LOL

not only me.. but almost all the WOG crew worry about it included the CEO's hahaha, but i try to cover my anxiety with smile and proud! since i make it less than 1 week and it's wearable!

the WOG CEO's decided that i must wear the coat if i'm not on stage and if not necessary, so i do it! well it's for my own good anyway hahaha

and on the last minute.. day 2 i must go alone.. since my sis suddenly sick so, i must go alone, and Thanks God there's a crew that have free time for day 2! so she's help me up for wearing the costume!! everyone really kind!!!


12715749_1085222628183402_3781061538976750741_n she so kind OMG !!like an Angel !!!

as i expected at day 1, DAY 2 ARE MORE CROWDED! like day 1, i'm often signing, but since my booth are near with Pinky Lu Xun booth so we have more chat on day 2!! she's a veteran Cosplayer! she's start cosplay on the same year when i was born!  i really admire her! although she was busy with her work as an architect, but she still can make a really well made costume by herself! really amazing!!! she's also pretty and look so young!! you would be surprised if  knew her age

12745750_1085270101511988_4975245241269150806_n let to right, Welly, Me, Pinky Lu Xun, Prince Ingga

and here i come judging time for cosplay competition!! and it's seriously A LOT PARTICIPANT from day 1!! seriously!! more awesome cosplayer!! also more ikemen!!

so many awesome cosplayer that really perform well! with alot of property and well prepared for the competition! really amaze us the judges! alot of cosplayer that use 'surprise effect' really cool!!

But well... We must only select the best 3 cosplayer that can win for WOG 1.2, IT'S REALLY HARD TO CHOOSE SERIOUSLY! SEMARANG AMAZING!!!!

After event~ we celebrate the birthday of a semarang ikemen cosplayer~ it was really fun!!

anyway this is compilation of my Koshka Cosplay~ i hope i can manage time for do photoshop for it ASAP!


Thank you so much Semarang World Of Gaming! Kairos Event Management! PrimeGames ! Semarang Town Square (SETOS)! All the guest and talent! Cosplayer Semarang! All the competition participants!!

I dunno what i should say because.. i'm so VERY VERY VERY VERY EXTREMELY HAPPY!!SO MUCH FUN! SO MUCH EXCITED! really can't believe that  WOG team choose me as guest for 3rd time already!! really so happy i dunno how to express it.. they already feel like my family! so kind !! really!! Thank you everyone!!

see you on next post!! i think i'm gonna do make post more often hahaha

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